What inspired the Cookbook idea?

Cookbook being demoed on Android TV at Google I/O 2015

Cookbook Recipes app is one of the most used recipe apps in the world. It is one of the best android apps of all time and part of the Editor’s choice list on Google Play. But, Cookbook wasn’t this always this flamboyant. It started off as a simple idea.

The Inspiration

Of the thousands of ideas we could’ve picked, we chose Cookbook because of 2 reasons.

1. Strong data on organic growth in Google Play

Every new app needs to get users with minimal or no marketing. This becomes more profound when you’re a startup. We used our patent pending relational intelligence algorithm to analyze downloads on Google Play. Health and lifestyle segment had tremendous potential for organic growth.

2. Cookery shows and their longevity

Cookery shows had something magical about them. There were some shows on TV that had been running for more than 10 years. Though many people make recipe notes from these shows, only a few end up cooking it.

What if we can help people discover great recipes, plan meals, shop for grocery and more? What if technology could simplify the cooking process?

Though the possibilities in food were endless, the competition was fierce. When we launched in 2013, there were already a few competitors in the 1 million downloads range. Everybody was competing to be the segment leader. We saw the opportunity and we took it.