Photos made with #May app on Android

Thank you for being #May-ed

Beta update for May is coming out today

We launched May’s beta on Friday night, and the response has been fantastic. Over 2000 folks downloaded the beta in the first 24 hours. We’re thrilled to see the love that you have shown us and May.

We’ve had an out pour of best wishes, #May-ed photographs and tonnes of feedback. We’re truly grateful for the support. We’ve listened to your feedback and have brought the most sought after changes in the first update for beta.

We’ve also put together a May Wall that showcases some of the finest photos that have been #May-ed. Take a look at them here

The changes include :-
1. Cropped images get deleted automatically
Many of you pointed out that both cropped image as well as the output gets saved flooding your May folders. We’ve auto-deleted the cropped version leaving only the may-ed photographs.

2. Saving image text added
On clicking the ‘tick’ button we’ve changed the display text to ‘Saving image…’ from ‘Applying filter’. Many of you had pointed out that it was confusing as we were not clear on how to save the photo.

3. Patches to improve stability
We’ve incorporated couple of patches and bug fixes that’ll improve May’s stability.

4. Facebook page added
We’ve added a link to our Facebook page @mayappofficial within the settings page.

The production version of the app will come out some time next week. We’ll be adding more filters and some filter intensity controls in the public release. Stay tuned for more updates on May and don’t forget to spread the word..

Happy May-ing!