May lets you create dream like photos on Android

May — Photo Fantasy

Join us in creating breathtaking photos


During the later half of last year, we did an internal experiment with photos. We were excited about how the photos turned out. They needed a bit of polishing here and there, but then again, there was something cool about the photos.

Our internal experiments are driven by 2 key aspects :
1. Fun
2. Insights

The processes used to create these images were later used in several of our design resources and creatives. It remained predominantly internal.

PRISMA — the sensation

We’ve seen many apps go viral in the app era; and Prisma is right up there. Starting off on iOS the app quickly caught on. People loved the sheer difference it brought to the photos! Prisma attained a status that every entrepreneur dreams off — online immortality.

Our internal project was very similar to Prisma; but making another Prisma made no sense. So we decided to take a different route.

What does May do?

May lets you create dream like photos. It enhances photos to bring a fantasy feel to them. May fuses your photos with some of nature’s most breathtaking imagery. May brings beautiful parts of our universe into your pictures.

Take a look at some of these photos that have been #May-ed ❤💃 In the mean time, join us here to get early access to ‘May’ before it comes out later this month.

Why Android Only?

Android is a platform that is the epitome of diversity. It is used by people across the globe. At Riafy, we strive to create apps that break geo-linguistic & economic barriers. Our association with Android and Google Play helps us serve this goal much better.

Building on Android brings a whole bunch of challenges. Beyond the localisation challenge, there’s the issue of devices and manufacturers. Getting a photography app to work in over 20,000 devices — some with less than 32MB of usable memory is a huge challenge. Getting the app to work seamlessly on all screen sizes and unstable networks further complicates things.

Inspite of all the challenges, building for Android always puts a smile on our faces. It lets us reach people in the most remote parts of the world. Their happiness is our inspiration.

We would love to have you try out ‘May’ before it becomes available to everyone. Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions on the app.

Happy #May-ing!